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Company Formation

We have a vast experience with company formations and business registrations in Ireland. With our service guarantee and quick response times, we will manage your company application from start to finish and will provide you with full support and expert guidance after your company is registered in an affordable price.


Annual Accounts

Companies, which meet specific criteria, may, under the terms of Chapter 15 Part 6 Companies Act 2014, avail of an exemption from the requirement to have the financial statements which are appended to its annual return audited. A company must qualify as a small company (or micro company) We can advise on eligibility to claim audit exemption status for your company, should it meet the criteria laid down in statute.

We deal in this area every day and therefore our team are always up to date with accounting regulations and the disclosures required in assisting directors meet their statutory duties. We can prepare financial statements either from your own accounting records (computerised or paper based), from source documents or from information held as part of our Bookkeeping service to you. We will prepare your accounts and discuss and explain the outcomes with you and advise of any steps you could take to maximise your business.


Outsourcing Accounts

Outsourcing is promoted as a means of obtaining best practice and efficiency in a cost-effective manner.

We review and analysis your business, accounts, accounting processes and understand your business needs.

We have a well-managed systems and methods to provide bookkeeping on an outsourced basis to a variety of industry sectors.


Outsourced Book Keeping

Looking for a bookkeeper part time to maintain your accounts and file your VAT returns and manage your payroll?

What we do for you?
Our designated Book-keeping services include:
✓ Manage sales and purchase invoices
✓ Calculation and filing of VAT Returns
✓ Manage Payroll and tax Returns
✓ Bank Reconciliation's
✓ Debtors Reconciliation's with accurate Debtor reports
✓ Creditors Reconciliation's with accurate Creditor reports
✓ Tax control accounts


Outsourced - Payroll Services

Is your payroll operating properly?
Are you filing payroll returns on time?
Are you complying fully with all PAYE and PRSI regulations?
Are you familiar with benefit in kind rules and reporting obligations?
Are you familiar with employment legislation?
Need someone to talk care of all your payroll needs and requirements, contact us.


Personal Tax

Self-Assessed Individuals
Tax savings can be achieved through good tax planning.
Are you availing of all allowable expenditures and capital allowances against your self-assessed income?
Are your tax affairs up to date and compliant?


PAYE Workers

There are unclaimed tax credits sitting with Revenue.
Are you claiming all your tax credits?
Are you claiming for all of your allowances?
Authorises us to review your taxes. Once we have your authorisation, we review your tax details on the Revenue's online system. We aim to confirm your rebate within 7 working days, and as soon as Revenue confirm that a rebate is due… we'll inform you the good news. Our fee is 7% of the total refund. We will not collect your money to our account. Revenue will transfer the rebate directly to your account and we will issue invoice for our commission. We don’t charge a minimum fee.

Our clients

We provide services to the list of clients below

✓Hair Dressers
✓Stationery Supplies
✓Service businesses
✓Retail / Fast food
✓Recruitment agencies
✓Nursing homes
✓Training centres
✓Property Management companies
✓Travel Agents/ Logistics
✓Import/export agents

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